APM—a Ministry to First Nations, is a specific ministry of the Western Ontario District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.  First formed in the 1950’s as Ontario Northland Mission, this WOD ministry to Aboriginal People reorganized in the late 90’s and took on the name Aboriginal Pentecostal Ministries.

The ministry is led by our Chairman, Rev. Robert Linklater, and our APM Leadership Council.  Monies donated and received through Western Ontario District – PAOC or directly through APM, are given entirely back to support native ministry on reservations and in our cities.  APM raises funds for church building construction, Native leadership conferences, Christian teaching resources and the ministry of our Chairman, to the pastors and lay leaders in our twenty-three churches, currently ministering, mostly in Northern Ontario.

We seek to support pastors called in to ministry to our First Nations people and communities, to provide support and fellowship to all those doing the work of Christ in remote places—mostly fly-in reserves—while partnering with ministry and work crews from churches all across Ontario, to build churches and church additions, pastors’ railcar container homes, and to help with community outreach ministries in these Native communities.  We continue to shine the light of Jesus, through building relationships with local leaders and supporting those committed to bringing the light of the gospel, our pastors, who fight poverty and addiction, while bringing hope to every person they can, in the name of Jesus.

We hope you’ll pray for us, get involved, volunteer and support this ministry with your generous financial gifts.